Tuesday, April 25, 2006

State of the Links

It's funny, that little column of linkage down the right-hand side of the blog 'neath my pseudo-self-portrait. Of course, I put Dim Bulb in there first because, frankly, I don't want someone reading my blog without the possibility of them clicking over to see some comicky goodness. Even if I'm hardly involved at all anymore. Remember, that's just a temporary thing, anyway.

Next, is the Google News link. I'm not even sure why it's there. It was there when I started the blog, and I guess I just left it. Why? I don't know. Maybe you want to read some news...how should I know?

The next one is where things start falling apart. It seems that when I link a comic, the liklihood of it updating ever again go down at an alarming rate. Pointless hasn't updated since the end of March, which isn't actually that bad, considering. However, Derenge's been spotty with updates throughout his run. Star Bored hasn't updated since the middle of February, though he backdated the last page to the day after its predecessor. Bob does things like that. Following that is Reasoned Cognition. We've had a link to RC for a long time, but since the link moved to the blog, Ryan's had numerous health issues and other things popping up that've messed with his update schedule. Cigarro & Cerveja's actually started updating at a regular pace within the last month or two. Once a week, but regular nonetheless. Darken is going strong. Hooray, Komi. Inverloch has also been going well, though it's not been without it's rough periods for updates. However, recent history has been very good (only one missed update this year, I believe). Schlock Mercenary has never missed an update. Ever. It is the shining beacon of hope in an otherwise dismal link bar. Count Your Sheep has been semi regular and hasn't gone through a week without updating in quite a while either. Adis has made me happy, there. Hopscotch would really have about 3 times as many pages if Levi just updated once a week. But his art is pretty, so what do you want? No Room For Magic is in danger of disappearing entirely...or at least its link is in relation to this blog. Adis started this wonderful project once before and, after getting overwhelmed by too many projects (other than CYS), handed the art chores over to another artist. Fortunately, the replacement was able to carry on the art in a way that had a similar feel to it. Then, the project languished for a year or more. After almost all hope was lost, Adis revived it, once again drawing Magic and her odd little world. This is good yes? Yes, it WAS. Now, he's once again handed the reins to another artist, but this time the difference between the two is jarring. Not to mention that 10 out of the 15 panels that have made up the comic since the change were EXACTLY THE SAME DRAWING WITH THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS SLIGHTLY ALTERED OR A HAND MOVED. Cut and paste is one thing, but this is bloody excessive. Ugh... I'll give it a couple more updates. For the rest, Starslip Crisis is consistently updating weekdays, 10k Commotion updates almost never, but it's always nice when it does, Sam & Max is slow going and not nearly as funny as I remember Sam & Max being, Reckless Youth is digital goodness, even if the next month will be slow going (I can't help but love Claude's style), and I don't know when The Menagerie updated last, so I don't know when it's been too long since an update. I'll have to find out what Jops is up to. I skipped The Archive because even if it didn't update regularly, it's a resource more than entertainment. If you want to track down where some character has popped up (or even some artist...it lists where I showed up in The Menagerie and Legostar Galactica). Oh, and I just added Legostar Galactica, so it gets a free pass on not updating for...one week (I'm feeling generous), though I doubt Dusan will need it.

So, tallying that up, we have:

5 comics not updating
9 comics currenly updating regularly (one of those in danger of getting the axe)
and 1 comic that was at least regular before I linked it

I'm not saying this is proof that I'm the kiss of death to a comic when I link it. Linkage from me is more like an albatross, hung about the neck...that occassionally also gives the recipient the bird flu. And SARS. And maybe chicken pox, just to be sure.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Cat, The Bag and The Relationship Between the Two

First of all, I've got news. I told Chuck a couple days ago and had been waiting for a bit to tell anyone else (outside of family and all...oh, and O'Neal, but the fool never called me back, so he'll find out when he finds out), but since I found out that everyone at my church already knows, along with a good percentage of the people at work, I might as well go ahead and tell you.

I'm gonna be a dad!

Needless to say, I'm really excited. We found out a week ago yesterday, though the doctor didn't confirm the at-home tests until Monday, and I've been trying to keep it a secret for a bit, but...eh. That didn't work, so...CONGRATULATE ME!


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hoping for Red 5

Man, yesterday was crazy. I had another one of those getting-up-every-five-minutes-to-blow-my-nose days. On the other hand, some good stuff happened between rounds with the tissue (or paper towels...whichever was closer). Also, watched Good Night and Good Luck. Dude. Awesome movie. Very static, but man... With as much of it being regular news footage, they still managed to make the characters have some weight to them. Man, I have a general rule against based-on-a-true-story movies, but this one is really good.

Also, I took a look at The Guide and saw that we're on Page 4 of the by page views list. That's HUGE for us. We'd previously peaked around the middle of Page 5, so this is great! We're actually two below Star Bored, which is rather spectacular. So, thanks to all of the people out there who've been coming back. Obviously, the way for Dim Bulb to succeed is for me to quit forever.

Hmm...maybe I won't quit, anyway. Sorry.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Yeti in the Room

I've mentioned before that I have strange...cravings is the wrong word, I think...when it comes to entertainment. Like how I randomly decided I wanted to watch Weekend at Bernie's out of the blue. You may've seen, in times past, how Cricket and Clyde formed both halves of the musical assemblage known as Cross-Eyed Yeti (XeY). Not the first name the duo went by, but that's neither here nor there. It's worth mentioning that I was the original bass player for XeY, but not by any merit of talent. More, they thought it was funny how I'd just forget to continue playing at random intervals.

Anyway, I've had an odd desire lately to hear XeY perform some classic rock. I can't explain it. I wanna hear a Yeti Freebird. I wanna hear an accoustic Yeti Dream On. There are more than a couple Beatles and Pink Floyd songs I'd like to hear. Why? I dunno. The idea crossed my mind once and stuck. Of course, we'd be more likely to hear XeY takes on Bob Dylan than anything I'd suggest because that's the kind of guy Cricket is. Still, I think I'd like to hear a classic rock Yeti cd someday.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Timing and such...

It strikes me as a bit odd that, though the movie came out in theaters a while back, and Ze Cricket saw the movie in it's full glory, that he didn't do the King Kong strip until after I'd seen it.

I mean, it seems especially odd given that we haven't spoken in a while other than posting on the blog things. Either A) he's secretly NOT in Virginia and is instead stalking me (in which case...DUDE we can just hang out!) or B) reality is like The Truman Show, in which case I can only assume that he was forced to move so as to keep him from revealing that it's all fake.

This does, in fact, mean I've ruled out coincidence because...well...I hate plausible answers.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Candidate for Everyone...

Well, I know who I'm voting for in the 2008 election...

In other news, my wife and I decided that we're going to bump our Netflix subscription up to the next level (2 at a time...remember, I'm poor). That, of course, means I'm never doing another comic again because I'll be too busy watching movies.

Ok, not really, but I'm sure it'll feel like it until Movie Gallery stops doing the free old movie rentals on the weekends.

Suddenly, I have the desire to watch Weekend at Bernie's. I don't think I'll ever understand how my brain works...

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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Price of Postage

So, you may (or may not) have noticed that there hasn't been any updates from me as far as how the new comic is coming. Well...that's because I'm in the middle of drawing pages for it now. I'll probably have several done before I post anything, but it's actually happening!


And to all the people who only come for Chuck's stuff and purposefully avoid when I update...carry on.