Friday, September 26, 2008

Rabbit Out of Season

It turns out that I have a lot of left over Easter candy. That's a big deal with Halloween quickly approaching. I mean, we've got to make room, right? And it isn't like I'm going Trick-or-Treating with Aaron (there's the church thing, but it doesn't count), but there will be all the candy that we get for trick-or-treaters that don't come. Because they never come. Apparently, my house is creepier than I realized. Yon Cricket could confirm that it messy and stupid but not terribly creepy.

Well, if he weren't MIA. If you were paying attention, he did manage to phone in a comic...quite literally, actually...but I couldn't say if or when his Libyan captors will allow him the supplies to do another.

Libyans...they were the terrorists that Doc Brown made a "nuclear" device for using pinball parts.

Movies...I did a segment of the "lesson time" for the youth dept. at my church on Wednesday night. Got the chance to prove my useless knowledge as part of an illustration. I followed a circuitous path from Darth Maul back to himself in 16 steps. I didn't expect the "awws" when I went past Heath Ledger, though I suppose I should've. Anyway, even if I didn't get my point across (I hope I did, but who knows), I did manage to prove that my brain is a collecting pool of absolutely useless movie-related facts.

Go me!