Monday, February 25, 2008

Slight Improvements

Got my Praxis scores back. My Writing (the one I didn't know) was 3 points off perfect.

So, I'm good.


So Much For Plan B

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No, I'm not having a brain spasm. Aaron woke up just as I logged in and started to type, so he got to take a crack at blogging. Perhaps we'll work on English a bit more before we take on Keyboarding.

I feel like a major failure. I'm still waiting on my Praxis I scores (well, score...I do still have the other two), so that's not it. You see, the other part of The Plan was to do a lot of substituting between now and when the NTLP starts up and I won't be able to work at all (of course, that's most likely in July which means there would've been a bit of a time lapse between when school ends, but if all went as planned that wouldn't have mattered) which would keep everything going until that good teacher money starts rolling in (which is only said somewhat ironically as my library checks were abysmally small...I couldn't pee on the poverty line without getting my feet wet). The disappointment comes in when you take into account that I've been out of the library all this month and I've subbed a whopping three, count 'em, three times. I've got two more actually lined up later this week, for a total of five (for the mathematically impaired), which is just enough to say that this is bloody stupid.

Now, I realize, intellectually, that I have no control over how often I get called in. I mean, I'm new, so they're surely going to call in the old standbys first, but I've signed up in four separate school districts at ALL levels and February is supposedly the sickest month of the year. Even still, I feel like somehow this is my fault and I'm officially bummed.

Upside is that I get more family time. Downside is that family time doesn't put food on the table.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Praxis Makes Perfect

I took my Praxis I test today. Well, yesterday, really. I mean it's 45 minutes past Wednesday, now, but I haven't slept yet, so I'm a little fuzzy on how to count my relative day. Not that it matters how I count it. (So, instead I'll go to sleep and write the rest later) I feel good about the test, in general. I don't like that I know the results for 2 out of the 3 test sections and not the third. I think I could deal better if I knew nothing. Instead, I've got the majority of the picture, but not the full thing.

Whining aside, I did well on the two sections I've seen the results from. I did well above the requirement in reading and math. The first was expected (not only do I generally test well, but reading comprehension has always been a favorite test subject of mine) but the second was a surprise. More so, when you consider that I actually scored higher on the math section than the reading section. It was a point difference, but still...I hate math! How does this happen? Was I just warming up through the reading section or did my brain decide to screw with me in the middle of the single most important test I've taken in the last half decade? I suppose there's also the possibility that the math section was just ridiculously easy. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad that if there's any section I have left, it's the writing section. That doesn't mean that I'm not worried about it, but I wasn't worried about it going in, which is important. I worried about the math section for the last couple weeks. Let it be writing now. Actually, I feel good about my essay, not a bad bit of writing for the time I was given, but the editing section has me worried. I can edit well enough just reading someone else's writing, but the multiple choice thing was kind of overwhelming.

With that out of the way (hopefully), I just need to get the Praxis II done (another writing section, a multiple choice knowledge section that has me peeing my pants, and a section that requires me to take four pictures of my work to submit for criticism...which suddenly makes me regret my focus on cartooning) and somehow manage to get accepted into the Non-Traditional Licensure Program (henceforth referred to as the NTLP).

After that, I'll part the Red Sea, walk on water and achieve cold fusion in my bathtub.