Monday, September 24, 2007

Human Sacrifice, Dogs and Cats Living Together...

...Mass hysteria!

So, apparently the planets have aligned, for this week carries many of the greatest of all geekly events ON TOP OF EACH OTHER! I refer to, among others, the first episodes of Heroes Season 2, The Office Season 4, and the debut of Halo 3. I don't even own an X-Box (much less a 360) and I'm excited about that!

...Actually, I don't even KNOW someone with a 360!

Then, there are the new shows. To be honest, my Heroes-inspired insanity has kept me from being all that aware of them, but Chuck (the tv show) looks especially promising. Reaper also looks like it has potential, but that's one I'm especially wary of. Some shows sound good on paper and then crap out in execution. Not to mention celebrity directors make me nervous. Especially on first episodes. I can stomach them during sweeps, but the first episode? Ride your own wave, man!

Not to mention, Cricket is suddenly doing comics again! Astounding!

Still, it almost doesn't seem fair that EVERYONE gets to see Heroes start tonight. in the US, anyway. Le Cricket, for instance has only been watching Heroes for, what? Two weeks? I've also heard unconfirmed rumors that tonight's episode may also be on the DVD set, though I couldn't say for sure. Being broke, and all. It's bad enough that he didn't have to sit through the month and a half long breaks between episodes, but now, he doesn't even have to wait through the summer off-season!


In the name of fairness, I demand that he ONLY watch Heroes on DVD. Thus, he will have to wait until early next September!

As the Refreshments once sang, that seems fair...

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Insanity Doodle!

I blame sleep deprivation.

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There have been things lately that I've wanted to rant about, but I haven't been able to focus much lately. Also, I fell asleep in my supervisor's office yesterday. I am particularly psyched to see all the new episodes of my favorite shows next week. The summer season was good to me; I thoroughly enjoyed Psych and Eureka, started getting hooked on the likely dead The 4400, and even took interest in Kyle XY, which is a little too teen soap opera-y for my tastes, but the conspiracy stuff was a good stopgap for the time. It's nice that there are two more episodes of Eureka left to help me transition into the new season of all the shows I've been dying to see (Heroes and The Office, especially), though the transition was something I really could've used a couple months ago between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the new one. Then again, I'd never seen Psych until this summer, so it was new to me until they started the actual new stuff. I'm trying not to pee myself when I think about the new Heroes season, especially. I can't help but think I'm going to be let down, though. Last season, I was sure it was going to stink, so I didn't REALLY start watching until the fourth episode, though I saw most of all of them. It's just that it was episode 3 before I decided I'd start caring about it (can't be too careful with TV, you know). This season, I KNOW it was already good, so now they have to live up to that. Then again, the Kensei "documentary" on the Yagamoto Fellowship site has been cool. John Rhys-Davies is narrating it. After the "what we did this summer" commercial for The Office, I'm pretty excited about that, too. It, along with a slew of Heroes stuff, is available on YouTube.

Search it for your own dang self, you lazy bum.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

To the Batcave!

Halloween is coming up, Aaron's first. In planning for it, we've come across a few cute costumes. One that's in the running is this one. It's my favorite, so far, though I know Andria wants to use this spider outfit. It's cute, too, to be sure, but it's just a fluffy gray mass (with a web pattern embroidered into it) around his body with plush legs and a cap that looks like the spider's head. There's nothing wrong with it, though, when he's crawling, the lack of webbing on the back makes him kind of look like a full dog tick. Not a cute image. Still, since he'll probably want to be something cool when he's older, Andria's inclined to put him in something cutsy while she can...and I'm not inclined to stop her. Still, I love this picture...


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Aaron is 9 months old today. That's extremely cool. The little guy is all over the place, which is fun to watch. He's gotten to be a little daredevil, or as much as one can be when they can't walk. Of course, that may just be a means-to-an-end from his love of all things tech. He loves cell phones and remotes and gadgets. He seems to think that the proper way to interface with them is orally, which is in error, but he'll catch on eventually.

He has yet to fit the computer in his mouth, for which I am grateful.

My boss mentioned that Aaron has now been out as long as he was in, which is approximately true. Perhaps it is because I'm not a terribly sunshiny person, that brought to mind that it's also been only slightly longer than Aaron's 9 months that my grandfather passed away. I wish I'd known him better. I can't help but think that we could've impacted each other in beneficial ways that I'll never know now. I miss him, as I have for years.

I guess that's the way it has to be when you don't live near family and you lack the ability to pop over and visit whenever.

I still wish Aaron had met him.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ok, Not THAT Alive...

I don't know what's up with the lack of comics. I do know that I am consistently thwarted in my attempts to make with the comicking, but that only covers my side. Yesterday, for instance, I was trying to draw in chapel, it's what I always do, when one of the student gestapo made me put it away. Apparently, as a staff member, I do not have immunity to certain rules. It's unfortunate that I am largely unable to focus my attention without the ability to draw in chapel, as well.

I know, having a distraction so that I can pay attention sounds counterintuitive, but it works for me. If Aaron was there, bouncing him around and such to keep him quiet would also work, but he doesn't go to college here.

You know, because he's a baby.

I'm sure that the attention thing signifies something, but your guess is as good as mine as to what. The common suspect is ADD in most cases, but I don't completely fit that profile. I think it has to do, partially at least, with TV training. The scene doesn't change often enough in classes and such for me to maintain strict attention. The thing is, it doesn't bother me that I can't give 100% attention. I LIKE drawing while listening. The product of the drawing time usually helps anchor the thing learned until it sticks in more permanent storage. And, of course, it's nice to have something drawn.

This time, however, it turned out that I didn't need to draw to pay attention. It seems that mild embarrassment and frustration make a decent substitute.

Just not as productive a one.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, if Cricket can refrain from breaking it again, everything should be smooth sailing at Dim Bulb from here on out.

That's asking a lot, though...

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