Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where in the World is Cricket Sandiego?

So, supposedly the Cricket of Chaos has returned to his humble abode. Of course, this has not alleviated our site problems and, honestly, I'm not entirely convinced there's anything he can do about it. I have a request in for someone at CG to fix it...again, but since I put that in over a week ago, I decided to try uploading all the comics (save the latest one that no one has seen but Cricket and, presumably, Mrs. Cricket) and having them overwrite the broken ones.

It didn't work.

So, I guess, for now, we wait.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Totally Not Me...

I suggested that Cricket use a particular Firefox plug-in FTP. It's what I used to put up the Diff'rent Strokes and Cheney things.

Notice how MINE showed up AND didn't break the site.

Totally not my fault.


Many (un)Happy Returns

Against my better judgment, I went back to the neighbors' house. Apparently, I don't learn. This time was less embarrassing, but still unsatisfying. The first time, we were trying to unload a stray dog on them. Instead, we ended up keeping the dog. He's cute enough. This time, I was after the flour container we loaned them a couple weeks back (they'd come asking for a little flour just after we'd returned from our Anniversary trip and the house was a wreck, so...we let them borrow the whole thing). Shouldn't have wasted the time. Apparently, they tried washing it in the dishwasher and melted it. For this to have happened, they would have had to have been unaware that the dishwasher uses very hot water and that thin plastic containers need to be put on the top rack. I knew this. I don't even have a dishwasher. I AM the dishwasher.

Except when Andria is.

Anyway, so now we have to find a new one. It's too bad, because it was rather handy and they don't have that set at Wal-Mart anymore.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Gah! Cricket, you killed it again!

I wasn't sure it was you before, but something in your FTP program's settings made all the comics disappear like it did after you uploaded the sketch before. It's somehow set to make them only viewable to certain people, who I am not one of. Nor is anyone else. Maybe you. I'm not sure.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Should You Ever...

If, at any time, you are ever interrupted, say, by a knock at the door, in the midst of a delicate moment...er...a private time...ok, if you're in the middle of sex...don't answer the door. But if you must, don't answer the door in your underwear. And if you must also do that, don't answer the door in your underwear and try to carry on a conversation with the interrupter whilst "hiding" behind your near-nakedness behind a glass door. I don't care if it's frosted glass. It's still bloody glass. Besides, they'll probably put together what you'd been doing and they're certainly uncomfortable about the fact. There's no need to add to the awkwardness by prolonging the moment.

I'm just saying...if that should ever happen to you...

And if you're the interrupter, it's probably best just to run away.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Man, that sucks.

Mike Wieringo died yesterday. He's been one of my favorite artists since his work on Spider-Man back in the late '90s. I got as many of his Robin back issues as I could and tried to get my hands on anything he drew. I've been following him on his blog, and I'm pretty stunned.

He was one of the best.


Friday, August 10, 2007

*Gasp* Chuck! CHUCK!!!!

HOLY CRAP! Third character over (you'll have to click the portrait to get the character's name)! Mayday! Mayday!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Note from Monday

Ok, so Monday was the 3rd anniversary of my marriage to Andria, which was pretty cool. We spent it in a rather unorthodox fashion, but a good time was had.

First thing, which is to say after we crawled out of bed around noon, we went to White Water, a water park in Branson, Mo, which is where we were staying. Conveniently, White Water was located straight across the street.

And we still drove there.

Anyway, what amused me most about it all was that apparently Germ-X has sponsored the park because outside all the restrooms there are rather large stations with Germ-X hand sanitizer for you to use and, on the backdrop for it, some slogan about preventing the spread of, you got it, germs.

I laughed when I saw it because we were LITERALLY swimming in each other's filth and they expect us to believe that a little squirt of Germ-X on our hands is gonna make everything ok.

And next time a dam breaks, you should go throw a bath sponge at it.

That'll help.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Overstayed Welcome

For those of you who keep track of the links bar on this here blog/rantspace/thing, you may notice that it is now just a wee bit shorter. I decided to cut Year One loose. It hasn't updated in a while and I absolutely detest the "art" of the guest comic it ended with. So...a big


to Year One.

I've got stuff about my second vacation, the one in which my wife and I celebrated anniversary #3, but it'll have to wait.