Monday, April 21, 2008

Pass the Turkey

Well, I passed my Praxis II tests. All three of them. Miracle of miracles, I say. Taking three tests in a day was a train wreck waiting to happen, but somehow I managed to keep everything on track. That means that I'm one step closer to actually doing something productive.


No, really. I am excited. I'm just a little fried about the whole thing. The stress is crazy and...oh crap. I should've called...whoever it is that I was supposed to call. Actually, she was supposed to call me (that's what they said on Friday when I left a message) but I didn't call back to make sure. Great. One more thing.

Anyway, the tests are out of the way and that's spectacular. My mom's trying to get me to take another set of tests for some other area, but I really think that'd be a waste of money. I mean, I did well in some of my other courses, but I only really studied Art.

At least for now, though, I can rest with the bit of assurance that I'm at least good for teaching art. Now to 1) get into the program and 2) get a job.

No big deal.

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