Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Such as...

You could consider this proof that I'm doing SOMETHING in my time. The following are things that I've used the tablet to ink over. The old man is from a page I've scrapped from the idea I'm working on. The colors were arbitrary choices. The other one, with Barry, is from the most recent Vapor Lock storyline. I just happened to have the pencils scanned in so I inked them again and also did some coloring with the tablet.

I'll keep working on it (along with my next idea) and hopefully I'll be back soon with something cool.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fate of the Universe

So, I've been away a while now. I was hoping I'd be back in the saddle by the end of the month, but that looks questionable at the moment. You see, I've gotten to this place where I want to do something other than Vapor Lock. I've got an idea that's been stewing for a few years now, Cricket's seen it, and I'm working at bringing it to daylight. First of all, I need to find my style with it. I've done some preliminary sketches of some characters, doing slight redesigns of from the original versions along with a sheet that shows what they're outfits really look like (continuity's sake and all), but I haven't quite hit my groove with them, yet. Also, I recently got one of these babies, which means that I'm essentially learning to draw all over again.

Just with a better learning curve.

So, look forward to SOMETHING in the nearish future. It'll either rock your socks off, or, in the very least, make them slightly more funky.